CRS, Inc. is a privately owned importer and wholesale distributor founded in 1927.  Trusted and respected in the community of cash register and POS resellers, CRS is well known as a source for products of quality and value.  CRS has maintained membership or sponsorship of the Retail Systems Providers Association (RSPA–formerly the ICRDA) for over 50 years and is currently recognized as an RSPA Certified Vendor. 

As a distribution partner for some of the most respected POS manufacturers on the Pacific Rim, CRS contributes valued market expertise in addition to product design and development assistance.  These alliances produce products that lead the industry in both fitness and performance. 

Principal CRS products include electronic cash registers, point of sale terminals, printers, tablets, and cash drawers.  In addition, CRS warehouses a complete line of POS peripherals.

In addition, CRS offers, Sam4POS, the perfect touchscreen POS software solution for retailers who need a few more bells and whistles without the hefty price tag. Plus, it’s all on an Android system.

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