Touch Screen Terminals

One example of a touch screen model we offer today

In the past 20 years, touch screen technology has transformed the way many retailers do business. The innovative techniques they use to make quick work of what POS systems used to be able to do are astounding. These systems are customizable to be used for one standalone terminal all the way up to a network of 10 or more terminals processing thousands of transactions per hour. Working with accessories, such as kitchen printers, scanners, cash drawers, and scales, these systems help retailers cut their wait times in half and help cut out lost funds and transactions by much more.

Our Self-Checkout stations help our clients compete with large chain stores in a major way!

In addition, the market has expanded to include stand alone systems that are ideal for any merchant wanting to provide self-service solutions for their shoppers. WebbTek can configure a system for your company that is both efficient and affordable, should you with to expand your existing system to include this new technology.

Don’t let the burger restaurants be the only ones to enjoy the benefits of self-ordering!

Our quick serve restaurant clients also may find this new sefl-ordering station intriguing. We can program a system that will provide your customers with line-busting options at their fingertips. These terminals help small to mid sized business compete with branded fast food chains that are already using these at their locations. Let us know today how we can help you expand your POS network to include one or two of these options for your customers.

In addition to restaurants there could be many other untapped applications for this technology. At WebbTek we want to explore with you in this new frontier! Contact Us for more information on how to get started!